Areca Palm

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Chrysalidocarpus Areca

Also known as: Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm

Origin: Madagascar

Nursery Pot Size: 9cm

Bring the tropics into your home with this guy, this palm is easy to care for making it the perfect addition to any home. According to NASA it has air purifying qualities and it has been said to help relieve dry skin in the winter!


Light: It's best to keep me out of direct sunlight, a well lit bright spot is ideal for me.

Humidity: High humid environments are best, a spot in the kitchen or bathroom would be perfect.

Water: I like lots of water to keep my soil moist.

Temperature: Average household temperatures are fine although the warmer the better. 

Fertiliser: During growing season would be perfect.

Toxicity: I am non-toxic to both humans & animals - yay!

A handy tip  - Remove any dying stems.


Decorative pot not included.