Fishbone Cactus

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Epiphyllum Anguliger

Also known as: Fishbone Cactus 

Origin: Mexico

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm

This guy is definitely an original looking addition to any home. The sleek leaf-like stems are shorter than most, with deep broad notches, giving the plant a  fishbone-like appearance. Flowering generally occurs in late Summer to early Autumn.

Light: It's best to keep me out of direct sunlight, a well lit bright spot is ideal for me.

Humidity: I like warm & dry conditions.

Water: I like lots of water over Spring to early Autumn and then cut right back. Always let me dry out in-between watering.

Temperature: I will happily go down to around 8 degrees if dry over the winter but best above 10.

Fertiliser: A weak cactus feed over the growing season every two weeks or so will keep me fed & happy.

Toxicity: I am non-toxic to both humans & animals - yay!

A handy tip  - In late Summer to early Autumn make sure I'm getting a bit of full sun as this will help me to produce some stunning flowers.


Decorative pot not included.