Medallion Calathea

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Calathea Roseopicta Medallion

Also known as: Prayer Plant

Origin: Brazil

Nursery pot: 12cm

The large leaves of this Calathea feature a mix of light greens and a deep emerald tone laced with silvery markings and a dark purple underbelly. Like many other Calatheas, this plant is branded as a 'prayer plant' as it opens and closes its leaves throughout the day! This bold beauty is pet friendly too, so feel safe in leaving it around curious critters/

      Light: Medium to bright, indirect sunlight is best for me. My beautiful leaves may burn in strong sunlight

      Water: Weekly please, once my topsoil has dried out.

      Humidity: I like a fairly humid environment or for my leaves to be misted from time to time.

      Temperature: I like warmer climates.

      Fertiliser: Feed me sparingly too much fertiliser can hurt me. 

      Toxicity: I am child and pet friendly, so perfect for all households.

      A handy tip - If my leaves get black or brown spots then you are probably overwatering me.