Calathea Freddie

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Calathea Concinna

Also known as: Calathea Freddie

Nursery Pot Size: 7cm

The Calathea Freddie has beautiful light pale green leaves patterned with strokes of dark green.  The leaves of this Calathea close when the light decreases so, they have a day and night rhythm much like us humans.

Origin: Brazil

Light: I am well suited to bright indirect sunlight, too much sun can burn my leaves. 

Water: Water regularly to keep my soil damp but never let me sit in water.

Humidity: I enjoy high humidity so keep me in the bathroom if you like or mist me regularly.

Temperature: Between 15-23 degrees is best for me.

Toxicity: Hooray, I am not toxic so I am both cat/dog and child friendly.

Tip - If you notice a yellowish tip on your leaves it could be due to tap water, try using distilled water instead.


Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Mitch JNR