Whitestar Calathea

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Calathea Majestica

Also known as: Calathea Whitestar, Zebra Plant

Origin: Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Native to rainforests the Whitestar is a stunning decorative plant - this gorgeous large dark green leaves with striking white stripes & flushes of baby pink. This beauty is not for the plant novice as to look its best some care will be involved. Remove dust with a damp cloth to unblock pores and this will help your Plant breathe.

Nursery Pot Size: 14cm

Light: Position me in a warm spot with bright, indirect sunlight.  Direct sunlight will cause my leaves to fade and lose their markings. 

Water: Weekly, make sure my soil is dry before watering.

Humidity: I'm my most happy in the bathroom where the humidity is high.

Temperature: I like warmer climates 18°C to 25°C

Fertiliser: Feed me once a month in spring and summer.

Toxicity: Great news - I am non-toxic to both children and pets.

Fact: The White Star is also known as the Zebra Plant, what will you call yours?


Decorative pot not included.

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