Croton Petra

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Codiaeum variegatum

Also known as: Croton Petra

Origin: Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia

Nursery pot: 13cm

The Croton offers up fiery foliage filled with truly bold colours and an array of different patterning on every leaf. They are an easy way to add character to any room.

Light: Indirect light is best for me.

Water: Water me every week when my soil is dry to the touch.

Humidity: I need high humidity so would do well in a bathroom. Mist me every other week to keep the edges of my leaves from drying out.

Temperature: 15° C – 25°C

Fertiliser: Feed me monthly & watch me grow!

Toxicity: I might upset your pet's stomach if they get a taste of my leaves so keep me away from curious critters.

More info: You can propagate me from a stem cutting.


Croton Petra plants vary in colour (yellow, red, pink and green leaves are all really common) and fullness so the one you receive could vary from the one shown in the picture.

Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Pete