Hoya Kerrii

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Sweatheart Plant

Also known as: Hoya Kerrii, Wax heart, Lucky Heart

Origin: Southeast Asia.

Nursery Pot: 7cm

We love this Hoya Kerrii, it's heart-shaped leaves will make it stand out from your other house plants. It's LOVEly shape and non fussy nature make it the perfect house plant to gift to your loved ones, especially as it is both pet and child friendly. 

Light: I am happiest in bright sunlight.

Water: I need very little watering, about once a month should be perfect. 

Temperature: I like warmer climates.

Toxicity: I am child and pet friendly, so perfect for all households.

A handy tip - You can tell when I need to be watered by checking if my leaf surface, if its wrinkled... I am thirsty.