ZZ Plant

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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Also known as: ZZ Plant,

Origin: Central Africa 

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm

Large Nursery Pot Size: 17cm (Shown in main photo)

This bold beauty will add a touch of drama to any space. Its dark green, waxy leaves reflect sunlight and that'll brighten up and space. As well as being lovely on the eyes, the ZZ plant is great because it can tolerate a neglectful plant parent! It is a super low maintenance plant that will thrive in most lighting conditions and doesn't have a strict watering regime. It is also an air purifier - NASA researchers found it is specifically adept at removing copious amounts of toxins, how clever!

Light: I'll cope with super low light but really, I'm not too fussy.

Water: Only water me once my topsoil is dry.

Temperature: I like warmer climates 18°C to 25°C

Toxicity: Keep me away from pesky pets and tiny toddlers.

A handy tip - Over time my shiny leaves can get a bit dusty, give me a wipe with a lightly damp cloth.


Decorative pot not included.