Hanging Hoya Memoria

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Also known as: Hoya Memoria Gracilis

Origin: Indonesia

Nursery Pot Size: 14cm

The Hanging Hoya Memoria is perfect for new plant parents (or busy people), it is super low maintenance and loves to climb so will thrive with little help.

We love the speckled leaves which if you are lucky will produce star shaped flower clusters which are sweet in smell.

Light: I will thrive in bright indirect sunlight. 

Water: Weekly, allow me to dry out before watering (water less in the winter).

Humidity: Average humidity is fine, I am not too fussy. 

Temperature: I like average to warm temperatures (16-24 degrees C).

Fertiliser: Fortnightly during growing season. 

Toxicity: I am both pet and child friendly. 

Decorative pot not included.