Jade Necklace Vine

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Crassula Hottentot


Also known as: Jade Necklace Vine

Named 'necklace' because of it's trailing qualities. This trait also makes it one of the most popular crassula.

Nursery Pot Size: 13cm

Origin: South Africa

Light: I'm happy in direct sunlight, in fact, if you pop me in a window, the edges of my leaves will turn a beautiful reddish-pink tone.

Water: Water me every few weeks. Overwatering can cause my roots to rot, so make sure you wait for my soil to dry between watering.

Humidity: Because I'm a succulent, I much prefer living in a dry, warm climate. 

Temperature: You can keep me outside over the summer months. Just make sure I don't get burned.

Fertiliser: I grow very slowly, there is no need for any type of fertiliser.

Toxicity: Keep me away from pets and small children.

Revival: If my leaves are shrivelled, this means I've either been under or overwatered.


Decorative pot not included.