Syngonium Arrow

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Also known as: Arrowhead plant, American Evergreen

Origin: South America, Mexico

It is clear where the Arrowhead plant gets its name from, we love that their arrow-shapes leaves also look like shaped elongated hearts. This is the perfect house plant for those just getting into the game and are bound to make any plant novice feel good when they see that new growth.

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm

Light: I'm happy in bright spaces, but it is best to keep me out of strong sunlight where possible.

Water: Keep my soil moist, but don't let me sit in water. 

Humidity: I thrive in a humid environment. Consider placing me in your bathroom or giving me a mist regularly.

Temperature: I like warmer, humid environments. 

Toxicity: Keep my out of reach from kids & curious pets as I could make them poorly if ingested.

A handy tip - The larger leaves of this beauty can collect dust, give them a wipe with a damp cloth every so often.


Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Leaf