Asparagus Fern

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Asparagus Fern

Also known as:  Lace Fern, Asparagus Setaceus

Origin: South Africa

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm or 15cm (Shown in main photo)

The Asparagus Fern is a team favourite here at We Serve Plants, its fine leaves bring the perfect amount of green goodness to brighten up any room. Bushy at first this fern will lean out as it grows.

If you don't already have it in your collection of house plants, 2020 is the ideal time to add it as it loves to social distance too and definitely isn't keen on being touched much. 

Light: I will be happy in bright light or moderate shade, but my leaves might get scorched in direct sunlight.

Water: I like to be watered when the top 2 inches of soil are dry.

Humidity: I love regular misting or pop me in the bathroom from time to time. 

Temperature: Keep me in a nice, warm spot in your house. 

Fertiliser: I am pretty easy in the winter but would benefit from some weak fertiliser a couple of times during the growing season.

Toxicity: I am pet and child friendly.

A handy tip - I can grow pretty fast so I might need repotting sooner than you would expect. 

Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Greg SNR