Fury Feather Calathea

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Calathea Wavestar

Also known as: Fury Feather,  Calathea Rufibarba, Wavestar

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm

This Fury Feather Wavestar is both decorative & air purifying. Featuring deep green tones paired with fuzzy purple underleaf. This Calathea, unlike many others, is flowering - what a treat! 

Origin: Brazil

Light: I'm a shade loving plant, keep me out of direct sunlight please.

Water: Give me a splash of water twice a week to keep me happy.

Humidity: I enjoy high humidity so keep me in the bathroom if you like.

Temperature: Between 15-23 degrees is best for me.

Toxicity: Keep me out of reach from little hands and nosy pets.

Fact - The leaves of this Calathea close he the light decreases so, they have a day and night rhythm much like us humans.


Decorative pot not included.