Chinese Evergreen

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Also known as: Aglaonema Maria

Origin: Tropics and Subtropics of Asia and New Guinea

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm

This retro leafy legend has beautiful, glossy green leaves featuring a marble chevron pattern.

One of the best houseplants for those just getting into the game! They tolerate lower temperatures and low light areas much better than similar house plants.

Light: I can live in low to bright, indirect sunlight. I'm perfect for that dark corner in the house that needs jazzing up. Avoid putting me in areas with direct sunlight. 

Humidity: I can tolerate a less humid environment than some but regular misting will help keep me healthy and happy.

Water: Keep my soil moist, do not allow it to dry out. But be careful not to overwater me. 

Temperature: Normal room temperature is perfect. 

Fertiliser: My growing seasons are spring to summer. Feed me with general houseplant fertiliser every month or so during this period.

Toxicity: I am toxic to both humans & animals, please keep me out of reach of children and pets.

A handy tip  - I am a slow grower so perfect for filling that medium sized leaf free space in your house or office. 

Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Abe SNR