Coral Cactus

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Also known as: Euphorbia lactea

Origin:  Africa

You don't get many house plants that are easier to look after than the Coral Cactus, so it is great for beginner plant parents and comes with a decorative pot so you won't even need to find a new one! It only needs to be watered fortnightly in the summer and monthly in the winter, so if you love to travel the Coral cactus is the guy for you. 

This cactus is crazy looking, some people say it looks like a lettuce/cabbage and it also looks like the coral reef (hence the name). Whilst called a cactus this is actually an African succulent.

Light: I love a good amount of light, but you might want to spin me around from time to time to stop me getting lopsided. 

Water: I don't need to be watered too often, so I am super easy to look after. It is best to allow my roots to dry out before watering. 

Temperature: I like to be kept warm. 

Fertiliser: I only need to be fed once a year.

Toxicity: Keep me away from Pets and children. 

A handy tip - The sap from my coral is poisonous so wear gloves etc when handling. 

My decorative pot IS included!