Crocodile Fern

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Also known as: Crocodylus Fern, Alligator Fern

Origin: Australia 

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm

This plant is sure to croc your world! Similar to a crocodile this fern likes to live in dark, wet places making it the ideal plant to brighten your bathroom. The unique leaves on this fern resemble a crocodiles skin.

Light: Happiest in the shade.

Water: I like to be kept moist, so water when the topsoil feels dry.

Humidity: A big fan of humid environments I will thrive in your bathroom or if not mist me regularly.

Temperature: I like temperatures of between 18 - 24 degrees C.

Fertiliser: Feed me monthly during growing season. 

Toxicity: Unlike crocs, I am both pet and kid-friendly!

A handy tip - remove any damaged leaves to encourage airflow and reduce the chance of fungal infection.

Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Flo