Heart Leaf Fern

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Hemiontis Arifolia

Also known as: Heart Leaf Fern

Origin: Tropical Southeast Asia.

Nursery Pot: 12cm

We love the Heart Leaf Fern, it's heart-shaped leaves will make it stand out from your other house plants. It's LOVEly leaves make it the perfect house plant to gift to your loved ones, especially as it is both pet and child friendly. 

Light: I am happiest in the shade and don't need any direct sunlight (although I would benefit from a little)

Water: Weekly please, once my topsoil has dried out.

Humidity: I like a fairly humid environment but can tolerate low levels also.

Temperature: I like warmer climates.

Fertiliser: Feed me sparingly too much fertiliser can hurt me. 

Toxicity: I am child and pet friendly, so perfect for all households.

A handy tip - Don't let me sit in saturated soil, I do best in a well drained clay pot.