Iron Cross

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Begonia Blad Masoniana

Also known as: Iron Cross

Origin: China, Vietnam

Nursery Pot Size: 13cm

A firm favourite amongst the the We Serve Plants trio. The leaves on an Iron Cross are striking, with fuzzy, pebbly-textured green leaves with burgundy cross and leaf margins. They look almost cartoon like

Light: I do not like direct light

Water: Weekly, make sure my soil is dry before watering. Make sure you avoid my unique leaves

Humidity: I thrive in a bathroom environment

Temperature: I like warmer climates 15°C to 18°C

Fertiliser: Feed me once a month in spring and summer

Toxicity: Keep out of reach of pets and children

A handy tip - Unlike some of the other plants, Iron Cross plants do not like having their leaves watered as this can cause problems.


Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Frank