Large Alocasia Cucullata 'Spear Queen'

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Elephant Ear 'Spear Queen'

Also known as: Alocasia Cucullata, Buddha's Hand, Dwarf's Hood Elephant Ear

Origin: South East Asia

Nursery pot: 19cm

The Elephant Ear Spear Queen has beautiful glossy green and its tall green stems makes it the perfect statement plant. It is also know as the Buddha's hand and is believed to bring good fortune!


Light: I like bright indirect sunlight. 

Water: Weekly please, keep my soil moist but not wet, little and often works best.

Humidity: I thrive in a humid environment, I'd do well in your bathroom or treat me to a mist from time to time.

Temperature: I like warmer climates, keep me out of drafty spots in the winter months.

Toxicity: I'm toxic if ingested so please keep me out of reach from kids and curious pets.


Decorative pot not included.