Polka Dot Begonia

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Begonia Maculata 

Also known as: Polka Dot Begonia 

Origin: Brazil

Nursery pot: 12cm or 14cm (as in main photograph)

With its funky shaped deep green leaves, metallic silver dots and beautiful red undertones, this guy is definitely a stand out in our books! It will be a show-stopping addition in any home.

Light: I like a lot of light so try to keep me in bright spaces but not in direct sunlight.

Water: When my topsoil is dry, give me a good soak.

Temperature: I’m not a fan of the cold. Keep me in a room above 15°c.

Feed: Feed me throughout the spring through to autumn every month or so. That is my prime growing time!

Toxicity: I’m toxic so keep me out of reach from small children and curious pets.

Extra info: If you’re lucky, I will flower in the summer months.


Decorative pot not included.