Elkhorn Fern

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Also known as: Elkhorn Ferne 

Origin: South America

Nursery pot: 12cm

The Platycerium is commonly known as an Elkhorn Fern due to its weirdly wonderful, unique, antler shaped leaves. This guy will make a fascinating specimen for any space.

Light: I need bright, indirect or diffused light to thrive, though they must be protected from the harsh rays of the direct sun. 

Water: I like to be watered weekly but I will benefit from a generous misting rather than just my roots being watered.

Temperature: I like warmer climates 15°C to 30°C

Toxicity: I am non-toxic to both humans and pets - yay!

A handy tip - The base of the plant is covered with round, hard shield leaves. These shield fronds turn brown with age. This is a natural part of the plant development process and not a sign your plant is dying, so please don't remove. 


Decorative pot not included.