Pygmy Pineapple

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Pygmy Pineapple Plant

Also known as: Ananas Comosus

Origin: South America 

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm

The Pygmy Pineapple is a real show stopper for your collection. This little beauty can bring a touch of tropical warmth to your home regardless of the season. The fruit this plant grows is small and bitter compared to what we are familiar with seeing in the supermarkets but are totally edible (although, we wouldn't necessarily recommend it!) Overall, this guy is a daily hardy, easy-going house plant and a real talking point with guests.

Light: A bright spot but not too much strong direct sunlight, please.

Water: Every 7- 10 days once my topsoil has dried out.

Humidity: I love humidity so would thrive in a well-lit bathroom. You could give me a mist when watering though if you would prefer me in another room.

Temperature: Above 16 degrees, please.

Toxicity: I'm mildly toxic if ingested by pets.

A handy tip - Snip off any dry leaves and keep me dust-free with a soft cloth.

Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Flo