String of Beads

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Senecio Herrianus Hang  

Also known as: String of Beads

Origin: Africa, Southwestern Asia and Australia

The string of beads plant, aka string of pearls or gooseberry plant, is the perfect succulent for a hanging planter with a difference. It's unique beads drape over the edges creating a cascading effect.

Light: I love bright but indirect sunlight.

Water: Water me every 1-3 weeks but only water when my soil is completely dry.

Humidity: Because I'm a succulent, I much prefer living in a dry, warm climate. 

Temperature: 10° C – 18°C

Fertiliser: Feed me monthly & watch me grow!

Toxicity: Keep me away from pets and small children.

More info: It's important to remember not to overwater succulents as they can be prone to root rot.