Variegated Weeping Fig

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Also known as: Ficus Benjamina

Origin:  Asia

Nursery Pot Size: 14cm

The wonderful Ficus Benjamina, more commonly known as a Weeping Fig is a fast-growing beauty that thrives in bright spots. If cared for well, this plant could reach 25ft within 10 years! This particular variety of Weeping Fig has variegated leaves that pair greens with soft creamy tones. This is one of many plants that have the ability to improve air quality within your home.

Light: Bright to dappled sunlight is great for me.

Water: Allow the soil to dry between watering. Over-watering and under-watering can cause leaves to drop.

Humidity: Give my leaves a mist every now and then

Temperature: Above 16 degrees, please.

Fertiliser: Throughout the spring and summer months.

Toxicity: If ingested I may make your pet unwell. If you have a curious critter that's likely to take a nibble of plants in the home then check out our selection of pet-friendly house plants.

A handy tip - Over-watering and under-watering can cause leaves to drop.

Decorative pot not included.

Pot: Greg SNR