Large Zeylanica Snake Plant

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Sansevieria Futura Superba

Also known as: Snake Plant, Mother-in-laws Tongue, Vipers Bowstring Hemp

Origin: West Africa

If you are on the hunt for a low maintenance plant then look no further, this is your guy! He can handle super low light & a somewhat neglectful plant parent. The snake plant also has the ability to give off oxygen in the night so makes a perfect partner for your bedside table.

Nursery Pot Size: 17cm

Light: I can cope with low light up to dappled sunlight, I'm not too picky.

Water: Water me every two weeks or so when my soil is dry.

Temperature: As long as you keep me indoors, I'll be happy at any temperature.

Toxicity: Keep me away from curious pets as I may make them poorly if ingested.

Fun Fact - Even NASA back my air-purifying skills! 


Decorative pot not included.