About Us


Hello there fellow plant lover, 

Unless you have rummaged through our website and somehow ended up on this page by mistake then you are probably wondering who we are and what We Serve Plants is all about. 

We are three friends with a slight affliction to buying house plants. We Serve Plants started as a way to get hold of plants we had been obsessing over but couldn’t seem to get our hands on! As well as a way to justify all the time spent researching, buying and caring for our leafy children. Getting ourselves up and running seemed like a pipeline dream but being in lockdown has been the final push for getting started with this green venture.

We have been lucky enough to grow up in the beautiful South West of England, surrounded by nature and the beauty of the outdoors. We believe that the power of plants has such a positive effect both indoors and out. House plants have associations with positive wellbeing, the ability to release oxygen and the absorption of harmful toxins. A good plant can bring a room to life (literally) they are the ultimate, everchanging home accessory.

We work hard to hand pick and curate a selection of houseplants that will bring beauty to any space. Sourcing plants for all needs such as air purifying, hanging, hardy and pet friendly to name a few.


A little bit about this Plant obsessed trio…


We thought the best way to introduce ourselves to you would be to share our favourite houseplants:



 Sara- Cacti of all shapes and sizes tend to catch my attention. They are the easiest houseplant to look after! Not one that you have to worry about when heading on holiday.





Jenny -The humble Golden Pothos (Devil's Ivy) has got to be my current must have. This guy is so easy to care for, fast growing and is always a talking point for guests when they visit as it trails the length of my living room. 



Kirsty- The monstera (Swiss Cheese) is a cult classic in the house plant world. I love the deep greens and large leaves. They are easy to water propagate so it’s the plant that keeps on giving! As long as your family and friends enjoy plants as birthday presents.




We are working our way towards being plastic free and are committed to finding ways to improve our impact on the environment. We will be making donations to https://offset.earth/ to plant trees and offset our carbon footprint.

If you need to get in touch or just want to chat plants - We would love to hear from you! Then drop us a line: info@weserveplants.com