Prayer Plant

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Maranta Fascinator

Also known as: Prayer Plant

Origin: Tropical America

Beautiful and functional - the Prayer plant is highly decorative featuring various green tones and pops of bright pinks. Not only can it brighten up any space but it also makes a contribution to a better and healthier indoor climate by purifying the air.

Light: I thrive in medium, indirect sunlight. Leave me in direct sunlight and my beautiful leaves will fade or worse scorch in the heat.

Water: Throughout the summer, water me weekly. Water me less frequently in the winter as overwatering will cause my leaves to brown.

Humidity: Pop me in your bathroom and I will live happily ever after.

Temperature: I'll thrive at 18 - 25 degrees

Fertiliser: Feed me monthly through the Spring & Summer.

Toxicity: You'll be glad to know, I'm pet and children friendly.

Revival: Sometimes my leaves can go brown, even if you're looking after me correctly. This may be due to your tap water. Switch to filtered, that might do the trick.

More info: At night, the prayer plant close it's leaves and opens them again in the morning! This is why I carry the nickname 'living plant'. 


Decorative pot not included.