String of Dolphins

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Senecio Peregrinus

Also known as: Jumping Dolphins

Origin: South Africa

Hanging nursery pot: 14cm

Large Hanging nursery pot: 19cm (Shown in main photo)

This hanging succulent is a real eye-catcher due to its beautiful curvey leaves that perfectly resemble a pod of tiny jumping Dolphins!  Is very easy to maintain and doesn't need much looking after, both beautiful and unproblematic - a great purchase for a new or experienced plant parent. 

Light: I love bright but indirect light. 

Water: Water me every 1-2 weeks but only when my soil is dry.

Humidity: Because I'm a succulent, I much prefer living in a dry, warm climate. 

Temperature: 10° C – 18°C

Fertiliser: Feed me monthly & watch me grow!

Toxicity: Keep me away from pets and small children.

More info: You can propagate me quite easily from stem cuttings.  


Decorative pot not included.