Pink Tradescantia Nanouk

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Pink Tradescantia Nanouk

Also known as: Tradescantia Albiflor

Origin: Tropical South America

Nursery pot size: 7cm

This stunning tradescantia is sought after for its shimmery leaves with gorgeous stripes of greens, pinks and lilacs. This little beauty is sure to grow fast and will begin to trail so will make a lovely addition to a bookcase or hanging planter. The stems of this pretty pink plant are super easy to propagate so if you are having a prune to promote bushier growth, be sure to place the cuttings back into the soil so they can start rooting.

    Light: Indirect to dappled sunlight is best for me. Lower levels of light will fade the colour in my leaves

    Water: Weekly please, once my topsoil has dried out.

    Humidity: I like a fairly humid environment but can tolerate low levels also.

    Temperature: I like warmer climates.

    Toxicity: Keep away from pets and small children.